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  • Layout creation without templates
  • Internal development
  • Oceano Platform integration
  • Full hosting
  • Human support
Cardume Digital

Every website created by Cardume involves several steps and a lot of planning about what is the best solution for each client, according to their audience. Our team will think the entire process for you, in addition to having a network of partners in case you need translations, photographs, videos, illustrations or other items.

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websites created by people for people

There are no  templates, your site will be unique! A team of professionals will think about every detail of your website, so that it can be a sales machine for your company.

Increase your sales

How will a website help your business?

Custom website creation

More features of our sites

Find out what is included on our websites. Some functions can be added after the definitive publication, such as: multi-languages, blog, galleries and other functionalities. Others may have budget review.

Most famous departments

Do you work with any of these departments? We can help you!

But remember: we are not just limited to these, as we can create custom websites.

Most famous departments

Your website can do so much more!

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Values, terms and hosting
How much does a website cost? And what other costs will I have?
Are domain and hosting included in the website's creation?
What are the payment methods and delivery terms?
Can I not contract hosting with Cardume?
I already have a domain registered, can I use it?
Content and Updates
I already have a website, do you use something from it?
Will I be able to manage my website?
Do I need to know something about code?
What if I need new features for my website?
Do you use Wordpress?
Other common questions
I don't have a brand already, could Cardume do it for me?
I'd like a virtual store, do you create it?
Do you offer professional email accounts?
Will my site be found by Google?
I'm an agency, can I be a partner and refer my clients?
Do the websites work both on mobile and desktop?
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Be part of our ecosystem and enjoy all the advantages of being in a digital shoal!

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