Have in hands a marketing platform for content management and lead generation

Analyze access and performance, manage your website and generate content for your visitors. Plus, you can optimize SEO individually by page, create landing pages that convert, and collect even more leads with a chatbot built into your site.

Increase your sales with a website

How does the platform make life easier for your brand on the web?

Ícone Oceano

have control of your website's content, strategies and performance

Get the most out of your website!

Check all the data, feed your website content and create strategies to generate more leads!

CMS (Content Manager)

There's more! Check our platform features

Find out everything about our platform. Some functions can be added after the website's publication, such as multi-languages and blog. Talk to us!

1st year *Free!*

1st year Free!

For a limited time only!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions

How much does the platform cost? And what other costs will I have?
Is hosting included?
Can I hire the platform if I created the website somewhere else?
I am an agency, can I use the platform with my clients?
Can I update my website from my mobile?
Can I access the linked Google Analytics account?
Can I export the data?
If there are errors or problems, how do I talk to you?
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