Values, terms and hosting
How much does a website cost? And what other costs will I have?
Are domain and hosting included in the website's creation?
What are the payment methods and delivery terms?
Can I not contract hosting with Cardume?
I already have a domain registered, can I use it?
Content and Updates
I already have a website, do you use something from it?
Will I be able to manage my website?
Do I need to know something about code?
What if I need new features for my website?
Do you use Wordpress?
Other common questions
I don't have a brand already, could Cardume do it for me?
I'd like a virtual store, do you create it?
Do you offer professional email accounts?
Will my site be found by Google?
I'm an agency, can I be a partner and refer my clients?
Do the websites work both on mobile and desktop?
Oceano Marketing Platform
How much does the platform cost? And what other costs will I have?
Is hosting included?
Can I hire the platform if I created the website somewhere else?
I am an agency, can I use the platform with my clients?
Can I update my website from my mobile?
Can I access the linked Google Analytics account?
Can I export the data?
If there are errors or problems, how do I talk to you?
website creation agency

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