What is shoal?

Cardume is portuguese for shoal. Shoal is a highly organized joint and moves like a single living organism.

What is shoal?

A group of fish of the same species that swim in a synchronized way, a type of group that is articulated in a highly organized way and moves as if it were a single living organism.

This is an evolutionary adaptation that keeps a large number of fish with better living conditions and in times of stress, the union demonstrates a larger size, confuses the predator, and envelops it in a single mass, making it difficult to attack.

Logically, if there are a greater number of potential prey, it is much more complicated for the predator to focus on a single one.

Why Cardume?

"Cardume" means shoal in Portuguese, the language in Brazil, the country where our company is based.

  • short and memorable name
  • associated with internet and navigation


It's an analogy of users accessing the hundreds of websites created for our customers.


The internet is a great "network", nothing better than using it to attract new customers. This is our purpose, to attract customers to your brand!

Our Brand

The symbol of Cardume Digital, is a shoal that creates a large fish, shaped by squares, representing the sites created, the digital pixel, magical and creative universe.

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